Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chapmania, travel day, first look at Goodyear Ballpark

Chapmania -- Did you know that RHP Dolf Luque (1918-29) is considered the first Cuban star in the majors and is enshrined in the Reds Hall of Fame after playing 12 of his 20 big league seasons in Cincinnati? He went 154-152 for the Reds. Another former Reds player who was born in Cuba is ... Tony Perez. Aroldis trivia: after he defected from Cuba when he was in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in what nation did Aroldis establish residence? (Answer below)

Travel Day -- I spent most of the day traveling to Arizona and getting settled into the house where I'll be staying. I did drive over to the Goodyear Ballpark facility and looked around. It's a beautiful field.

Goodyear Ballpark -- Tomorrow my cousin, his son and I are going to the Cleveland Indians complex in the morning to watch them practice, then will head over to Goodyear to watch the Indians play the Padres. We drove over to the ballpark tonight just as it was closing and looked around. It's breathtaking.

Random Notes:

• It's nice to see Jay Bruce getting off to a good start - he's batting .500 so far, with a home run today.

Coco Cordero pitched a clean inning today.

Joey Votto has not recorded his first hit of spring training and I couldn't care less.

• On the other hand, Drew Stubbs was 0-2 today with two strikeouts. At some point don't we have to rethink the decision to bestow the leadoff hitting spot to him?

Trivia Answer: the Principality of Andorra, bordered by Spain and France in the eastern Pyrenees mountains

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